CATEGORY Event Planner
YEAR 2014

ZNJ's Elegance at Exit 21 Splash 2014

Another noteworthy successful story about ZNJ is the Exit 21 Splash show held in Dubai. ZNJ was at the center of the Exit 21 Splash Fashion Show’s and honored to makeover this event in 2014.  Through careful planning and attention to detail, they brought the event to whole new levels. ZNJ came to understand that a fashion show is a story and that every element matters. ZNJ used atmosphere, lighting, and music to produce an incredible experience.

ZNJ stands out for its commitment to developing young talent. ZNJ's participation to the 2014 Exit 21 Splash Fashion Show went above and beyond; it was truly spectacular. Their dedication to quality established a new bar for fashion shows and left a lasting impression.


When we reflect on the 2014 Exit 21 Splash Fashion Show, we can't help but be appreciative of ZNJ's contribution to making it a remarkable occasion. They didn't only donate; they also carefully crafted a memorable experience. The Splash Fashion Show was far more than just a fashion show; the hardworking crew at ZNJ created a masterpiece. A regular runway was transformed into a magical world thanks to their meticulous preparation, focus on detail, and dedication to supporting up-and-coming talent. 

ZNJ's capacity to make fantasies come true is exceptional for creating life-changing experiences, and dedication to perfection have raised the bar for fashion events. 

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