Category Event Planner
Year 2019
Location Dubai
Dubai International Boat Show

As a luxury event planner ZNJ truly delighted to be able to highlight the 2019 Dubai International Boat Show. It was pleased to contribute to the success of that event through ZNJ hard work. The 2019 Dubai International Boat Show put on a display of luxury, creativity, and skilled work, and ZNJ as a rising event management star, added a further element of magic. The detailed preparation, execution, and coordination of the presentation by ZNJ dedicated team created a fascinating and enjoyable experience. ZNJ stand out because of our attention to detail, concern for various cultures, and commitment to sustainability.

Additionally, being there turned the experience into a journey that I will never forget. After the event converted the day into an unforgettable memory, everyone is seeking to see what ZNJ intend to do in the future. Check our portfolio to learn more about ZNJ work and the diversity of ZNJ design skills and imagination.


By successfully contributing to the Dubai International Boat Show, ZNJ established its name as a trustworthy and creative event management company, creating opportunities for more projects and collaborations. Thanks to ZNJ dedicated and passionate team who gave attention to detail, cultural sensitivity, and creative approach. People had a memorable and delightful experience, which generated favorable feedback and increased visitor satisfaction. . These results show how ZNJ’s efforts contributed to the 2019 Dubai International Boat Show's success and could open new doors for future.

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